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Municipal Finance

White Coleman & Associates, LLC is listed as a practicing municipal bond firm in the “Red Book” (The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace), which contains the listing of nationally recognized bond counsel whose opinions may be relied upon with respect to the issuance of municipal bonds and notes.   Altogether, the Firm’s attorneys have participated in the closing of almost $4 billion in bond financings.  We have recent and extensive experience as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, disclosure counsel and issuer’s counsel to various federal, state and city governmental entities including constituted authorities, school boards, police boards, and not-for-profit corporations.

The Firm’s Member/Manager, Dorothy L. White-Coleman began her finance practice in 1990 and since that time has worked on many innovative and complex financing transactions.  White Coleman & Associates, LLC is the only African-American female owned law firm in the State of Missouri with a public finance practice. Our attorneys have served as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, disclosure counsel or issuer’s counsel for The City of St. Louis, Missouri; the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority; the Board of Education for the City of St. Louis, Missouri; the Bi-State Development Agency of the Missouri-Illinois Metropolitan District d/b/a Metro, the Normandy School District of St. Louis County, Missouri; the Hazelwood School District, St. Louis County, Missouri; Riverview Gardens School District, St. Louis County, Missouri; the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners; the Industrial Development Authority of the City of St. Louis, Missouri; the St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation, St. Louis, Missouri; the Resolution Trust Corporation; and the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.

We have also served as underwriters counsel to national investment banking firms in connection with the underwriting and sale of municipal bonds and notes.

We are familiar with securities law, disclosure requirements of both public and private issuers and the related liabilities and obligations of underwriters. Likewise, we have a sound understanding of the various structures for such transactions. Our experience encompasses a host of tax-exempt financing structures, including:

  • Airport Revenue Bonds
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Exempt-Facility Bonds
  • General Obligation
  • Housing Bonds
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Leasehold Revenue Bonds
  • School Bonds
  • Special Obligation Bonds
  • Tax Increment Financing Bonds

As a result of the numerous transactions on which we have worked, the Firm has developed a well-rounded expertise and has earned a reputation for coordinating and closing transactions in a prompt and professional manner. We therefore are able to draw upon a broad base of experience in order to formulate creative financing techniques, which result in cost savings through lower interest rates and costs of issuance.